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Flame sensor module detects flames via infrared light, triggering safety measures like alarms or shutdowns. Vital for fire detection and prevention.

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flame sensor module is an electronic device designed to detect the presence of a flame or fire. It typically uses a sensitive sensor element that responds to the infrared (IR) light emitted by flames. When a flame is detected, the sensor sends a signal to a connected circuit or microcontroller, which can then trigger appropriate actions such as sounding an alarm, shutting down equipment, or activating a fire suppression system.

Flame sensor modules are commonly used in various applications, including fire detection systems, industrial safety equipment, gas appliances, and robotics. They provide a reliable and rapid response to the presence of flames, helping to prevent or mitigate potential fire hazards.

These modules are valuable components in ensuring safety and are often integrated into larger systems to provide early warning and protection against fires. It’s important to note that while flame sensor modules are effective in detecting flames, they might not be suitable for detecting certain types of fires, such as those involving low-temperature flames or non-visible infrared radiation.


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