CR2032 holder (pack of 4)

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CR2032 holder (pack of 4)

A CR2032 holder is a small electronic component designed to securely hold a CR2032 lithium coin cell battery. Here’s a description of a typical CR2032 holder:

1. Material: It is usually made of durable plastic or metal, designed to withstand environmental factors and provide protection for the battery.

2. Size and Shape: They are typically small and compact, with dimensions that match the CR2032 battery (approximately 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm in height). The holder is usually circular or rectangular in shape to accommodate the battery snugly.

3. Contacts: It has features like metal contacts or terminals that make electrical connections with the positive and negative terminals of the battery. These contacts are designed to ensure good conductivity and a secure fit for the battery.

4. Secure Clasp: To keep the CR2032 battery in place, most holders have a secure clasp mechanism, such as a spring-loaded metal arm or a plastic clip, to hold the battery firmly in position.

5. Wiring: Depending on the application, CR2032 holders may have wires attached to the contacts, allowing for easy connection to a circuit or device. These wires are typically color-coded, with red indicating the positive terminal and black for the negative terminal.

6. Mounting Options: It can come with mounting features like screw holes, adhesive backing, or snap-in designs, making them suitable for various electronic projects and applications.

7. Accessibility: Some holders include features like a hinged cover or a sliding mechanism to allow easy access to the battery for replacement or maintenance.

Overall, a CR2032 holder is a practical component used in various electronic devices, from small gadgets like remote controls and digital watches to more complex applications like electronic circuits and sensor modules. It provides a secure and convenient means of holding and connecting a CR2032 coin cell battery within an electrical or electronic system.

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