MQ-2 Sensor

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The MQ-2 sensor detects combustible gases like LPG, propane, methane using chemiresistance. Widely used for safety and air quality monitoring.

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The MQ-2 sensor is a type of gas sensor designed to detect and measure various types of gases in the surrounding environment. It is commonly used for detecting combustible gases and is particularly sensitive to gases such as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), propane, methane, hydrogen, alcohol, and smoke.

The sensor operates based on the principle of chemiresistance, where its electrical resistance changes when it comes into contact with specific gases. The MQ-2 sensor typically consists of a ceramic element coated with a layer of metal oxides. When the target gas interacts with the metal oxide surface, the resistance of the sensor changes, and this change is used to determine the concentration of the gas.

The MQ-2 sensor is widely used in applications like gas leak detection, industrial safety systems, fire detection systems, and air quality monitoring. However, it’s important to note that while the MQ-2 sensor is cost-effective and simple to use, it may have limitations in terms of accuracy and selectivity for specific gases. Calibration and proper usage are essential to obtain reliable measurements.

It’s worth mentioning that there are various other MQ-series gas sensors available, each optimized for detecting specific types of gases. These sensors have similar operating principles but are designed to target different gases of interest.


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MQ-2 Sensor

100.00110.00 (-9%)

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