Soldron High-Quality 25 Watts/230Volts Soldering Iron

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  1. Attains full operating Temperature within a seconds.
  2. Maintains constant tip temperature.
  3. Low Leakage Current.
  4. Safe for the use on dedicated and sensitive Components.
  5. Maximum Heat transfer efficiency.
  6. Slide on a Replaceable tip.
  7. Cool Grip Insulating Nylon Handle
  8. High Quality Built Material.
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Soldron High-Quality 25 Watts/230Volts Soldering Iron


This is Soldron High-Quality 25 Watt Iron Soldering Gun. If you are a student or hobbyist and you are looking for a good general purpose Soldering Iron then this 25-watt soldron Soldering Iron is perfect for you.  Even we have been using this Solder Gun from the start and it the best that you can get at this price range.

Soldron® is the most popular and reliable brand of soldering and desoldering equipment in India and its neighboring countries.

Note: Please buy a good quality ISI mark soldering irons only, as it lasts for years to come, and you don’t want to use those cheap hot irons when you are working with high electric voltages. Also, a good soldering iron means not only a safer environment but also clean and better solder joints.

HAPPY SOLDERING!!!Applications:

  1. PCB assembly & repair
  2. Electricals soldering
  3. Textile cutting
  4. Jewellery.

Features :

  1. The workhorse of electronic industries. The highest and the most popular product.
  2. General purpose for all electronic applications.
  3. Attains full operating Temperature within a seconds.
  4. Maintains constant tip temperature.
  5. Low Leakage Current.
  6. Safe for the use of dedicated and sensitive Components.
  7. Maximum Heat transfer efficiency.
  8. Slide on a Replaceable tip.
  9. Cool Grip Insulating Nylon Handle.
  10. High Quality Built Material.
  11. Hook provided to Hang.
  12. Portable, Lightweight and easy to use.
  13. With Durable heating element designed for long Life.

Package Includes:

1 x Soldron High-quality 25 Watt Iron Soldering Gun

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