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TP4056 is safe Li-ion/LiPo battery charging. Features include overcharge protection and thermal regulation. Widely used in portable devices and DIY projects.

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TP4056 is a versatile and popular integrated circuit (IC) designed primarily for lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lithium-polymer (LiPo) battery charging applications. It offers a comprehensive charging solution with built-in features that ensure safe and efficient charging of rechargeable batteries.

The TP4056 IC incorporates multiple functions, including overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, and thermal regulation. These features collectively safeguard the battery from potential hazards, such as overcharging, which can lead to battery damage or even fire.

Furthermore, the TP4056 includes a voltage regulation circuit that controls the charging current, allowing for a controlled and gradual charge. This prevents excessive heat generation during charging, which can adversely affect the battery’s lifespan and safety.

The IC is commonly used in various portable and battery-powered devices, such as smartphones, tablets, power banks, electronic gadgets, and DIY electronics projects. Its small form factor, low cost, and ease of use have contributed to its popularity among hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts.

To use the TP4056, one typically connects it to a power source (like a USB port) and the battery to be charged. The IC then manages the charging process, monitoring the battery’s voltage and current levels to ensure a safe and effective charge cycle.

In summary, the TP4056 IC serves as a critical component in charging Li-ion and LiPo batteries, enhancing battery safety, prolonging battery life, and enabling the efficient and reliable operation of a wide range of portable and battery-powered electronic devices.



1. Ampere meter can only be connected to a 5v input end of the module.
2. It is better than the charging current is 37% of the battery capacity. If you charge the battery of 1000mAh, a current of 400mAh is enough.
3. The connection wire should not be too thick.
4. Make sure the connect point is good.
5. If the input voltage is too high, like 5.2v, the current will be less than 1000mA, it is normal. It is protection function, auto-subtract the charging current to avoid burn damage to the chip.
6. NO Reverse polarity.

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