FLAME Sensor Module

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Flame sensor module detects flames via infrared light, triggering safety measures like alarms or shutdowns. Vital for fire detection and prevention.

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Flame sensors typically use various methods to detect the presence of a flame. These methods can include infrared (IR) detection, ultraviolet (UV) detection, or a combination of both. IR sensors detect the heat radiation emitted by a flame, while UV sensors detect the ultraviolet light emitted by a flame.

FLAME Sensor Module can be adjustable to detect flames of varying intensities. They are sensitive to specific wavelengths of light or radiation associated with combustion, allowing them to distinguish between real flames and other sources of light or heat.

FLAME Sensor Module are designed to respond quickly to the presence of a flame. A fast response time is crucial for ensuring rapid activation of safety systems.

FLAME Sensor Module are equipped with features to minimize false alarms. They can filter out unwanted sources of light and heat that may be mistaken for flames, such as sunlight or background radiation.

When a flame is detected, the flame sensor typically generates an electrical signal or relay output that can be used to trigger various actions, such as shutting down a fuel supply, activating fire suppression systems, or sounding alarms.

Flame sensors module are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including high temperatures, vibration, and humidity, making them suitable for use in industrial settings.

These sensors can be integrated into larger control systems, such as fire alarm systems, industrial automation systems, or gas safety systems.

Flame sensors are powered by electricity, and they are available in various voltage options to suit the specific application.

Flame sensors come in different physical configurations and mounting options to accommodate the needs of different installations. Common mounting types include wall-mount, pipe-mount, and flange-mount.

Periodic maintenance and calibration may be required to ensure the continued accuracy and reliability of the flame sensor.


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