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IR sensor detects infrared radiation, enabling motion sensing, temperature measurement, and more in various applications like remotes and security systems.

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IR sensor (Infrared) is an electronic device that detects and responds to infrared radiation in its surrounding environment. It works on the principle that different objects emit and reflect infrared light. When an object emits or reflects infrared radiation, the sensor detects the changes in this radiation and converts it into an electrical signal.

IR sensors have various applications, including proximity sensing, motion detection, temperature measurement, and communication. They are commonly used in remote controls, security systems, automatic doors, robotics, and even in medical devices.

Infrared sensors can be categorized into different types, such as passive Infrared sensors (PIR) that detect changes in heat patterns to sense motion, and active Infrared sensor that emit and receive IR radiation to determine the distance to an object.

Overall, IR sensors play a crucial role in enabling devices to interact with their environment by detecting and interpreting infrared signals, enhancing automation and functionality in numerous technological applications.

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